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Skywalker Vineyards

Imagination, passion and a relentlessly pioneering spirit ground the vision for a new class of wine craft, unfettered by conventional wisdom, and intent on creating a wine culture rooted in old world craftsmanship, and elevated by innovation.

George Lucas’ visionary brilliance transitions seamlessly from screen to a vineyard panoramic where he has assembled the ultimate cast; including world-class winemakers, wineries in California and Italy which are ripe with potential, and an architectural vernacular that ties everything together in an unrivaled wine experience.

Imprinted with the same integrity and excellence as Lucas’ cinematic works, Skywalker Vineyards wines are the product of passionate pioneering along with years of meticulous cultivation and crafting; raising the bar not only for California wines, but varietals worldwide.

Skywalker Vineyards began two decades ago at Skywalker Ranch, but the genesis of Lucas’ vintner dreams can be traced back to his childhood in Modesto, California. Surrounded by vineyards—the fragrance of fermenting grapes permeating the air—the small Central Valley community was imbued with the culture of grape growing and wine making.

Years later, Lucas was inspired and encouraged by the success of his friend Francis Ford Coppola’s winemaking endeavors to begin his own venture. Lucas first planted 4 acres of vineyard in 1991, which has expanded to 28 acres of some of the finest fruit grown in Marin County.

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